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Circular Lion

circular economy model

The La Marzocco Certified program ensures our machines have a meaningful end of life option and are never abandoned in a wasteful way. We also offer service and support to go alongside our La Marzocco refurbished machines to reinforce our 'Built to Last' promise.We are proud to have a program that gives continued life to our machines and allows customers the opportunity refresh or upgrade to new equipment whilst managing the lifecycle of their equipment with meaningful end of life solutions.

Zero carbon freight_colour

offsetting freight

La Marzocco New Zealand has measured and offset our freight emissions for the importation and distribution of our products for the period January to December 2020. We have also committed to continue to measure and offset our freight with Ekos for the 2021 and 2022 calendar years.

2020 measurements

total emissions: 180.15 + CO2e
total offsets: 180.15 + C02e

Offsets are retired on the appropriate registry.

Choiseul Coast 2

rainforest conservation in new zealand & the pacific

Our certified carbon credits for 2020 are sourced from projects that grow and protect indigenous forests in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands and help to deliver climate resilience, waterways protection, erosion control, biodiversity conservation and community economic development.


Rarakau Rainforest Conservation

50% of our carbon credits were purchased from the Rarakau Rainforest Conservation Project located in Southland.

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Babatana Rainforest Conservation

50% of our carbon credits were purchased from the Babatana Rainforest Conservation project located in the Solomon Islands.

our networks & memberships 


invested in the sustainable business network

We are committed to sustainable innovation and are proud to be part of a New Zealand network that enables system change in the areas of climate, waste and nature.



committed to diversity, equity and inclusion

It's important to us that our La Marzocco family and the wider coffee community feel safe and welcomed. We celebrate, value and respect differences within our business, customers and wider community.



a registered safe space 

Our La Marzocco New Zealand showroom, workshop and events are all safe spaces. A safe space is a space where the LGBTQI+ community can freely express themselves without fear. It is a space that does not tolerate violence, bullying, or hate speech towards the LGBTQI+ community.


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members of the nz specialty coffee association

We are a proud member of the NZSCA, the national industry body for specialty coffee stakeholders in New Zealand. Coffee community is important to us and we are regular contributors and sponsors of association events such as The NZ Barista Championship, The NZ Latte Art Championship and Coffee in Good Spirits.



we are members of the restaurant association of nz

We are proud to support the Restaurant Association of New Zealand who provide valuable resources and support for our wider hospitality community.

la marzocco global


people, planet and product

We have a company culture which, in being mindful of and anchored to its heritage, “encourages the pursuit of quality, excellence and innovation through a trusting family atmosphere”.  As a caring global citizen, La Marzocco is active in Sustainable Innovation* in 3 key areas.


Songwa Farm Project

In 2007, in collaboration with two other leading members of the specialty coffee sector, La Marzocco invested in the Songwa Estates coffee farm in southwest Tanzania to establish a non-profit endeavour which is both educational and socially driven in nature. Why? La Marzocco handcrafts espresso coffee equipment and coffee, like the people whose livelihoods depend on its growth, is a precious resource. 

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Culture is Important

La Marzocco is keen on supporting artists – such as George BatesJon Contino, etc. – or initiatives that promote art, and photography (such as Origin by Jakob de Boer) and currently sponsors a promising young athlete who works as a barista near the factory, Andrea Bolognesi. La Marzocco, moreover, is a member of and supports the cultural activities promoted by Museimpresa and Museo del Design della Toscana

People at the Centre

La Marzocco is an equal opportunity employer that is active in promoting the growth and satisfaction of its employees through a curricula aimed at core, role and/or personal training.

Kids Playroom

La Marzocco is happy to announce the opening of the Kids Playroom at the La Marzocco factory, an experiential and educational area where children can play and learn all things coffee! The area is colorfully decorated with iconografic furniture resembling coffee and iconic La Marzocco products open to visitors of all ages.

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Leone d’Oro

The premio Leone d’Oro (Golden Lion Award), a student scholarship for 8th graders through high school was launched during the academic school year 2015/2016 to promote scholastic excellence among the children of La Marzocco personnel. The only requirement was to present a report card at year’s end with top scores.



Photovoltaic panels

La Marzocco generates electrical power by converting solar radiation into direct current electricity, producing 100% of its electrical needs – up to 233 kW. The program is monitored daily by an Energy Brain allowing for the company to begin to gather exact data on its carbon footprint.

Waste Management

La Marzocco aims to design machines that will lead to a minimal impact on the environment. Where possible, sustainable materials, components and packaging are used so that machines and/or packaging can be recycled. La Marzocco, additionally, adheres to a waste tracking system for those materials not subject to recycling.

Electric transportation

La Marzocco uses a Renault Twizy for local errands and tech stops at coffee shops in the historical center of Florence. A charging station at the factory allows recharging car with solar energy.

Additionally, since 2014 La Marzocco has promoted FIA’s Formula-e championship in light of its worldwide efforts to promote electric motor vehicles.

Electric Vehicle Charging Tower

At first glance it appears to be a gasoline pump.  On closer inspection it is a DBT-CEV Quick Charger electrical vehicle charger. DBT is a leader in innovative solutions for electric vehicle charging and the recently installed tower at the La Marzocco headquarters in Scarperia (Florence) is available to charge company vehicles as well as vehicles belonging to staff, an added incentive to go green and consider purchasing a vehicle that is environmentally friendly.



Boiler Insulation

La Marzocco believes in saving energy. The boilers on every machine model are fully equipped with insulated boilers, increasing energy efficiency by 20%.

Eco Mode

La Marzocco’s commercial machines are equipped with programming that allows the machine to enter an eco-mode, thereby improve energy efficiency. 

Temperature Control

La Marzocco’s sophisticated software allows you to control temperature settings. With the Strada, individual brew groups can be turned off for greater energy savings during slower work periods.