Introducing the Linea Classic S

Classic design, contemporary options.


30 years of History

The Classic is an industry icon machine that has evolved based on barista feedback over the past 30 years. Within the Linea Family, the Classic is the choice for barista-friendly design with a high degree of consistency and reliability in all settings. The new features provide baristas an easier coffee making experience, while also increasing the reliability of a machine which has already set the standard in the industry. The Classic helped to forge the world of specialty coffee and has now been future proofed to deliver unparalleled performance, durability, and great coffee.

Linea Classic 3 gr AV front 3-4

Linea Classic S pricing 

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The Classic is Now Future Proofed.


Classic Design

The new classic has been updated with an angular design that stays true to its roots and blends into any setting. 



The buttons have been updated to have better tactile feedback and a one-million cycle rating.


Contemporary Electronics

The electronics have been updated for increased longevity and simplicity.

Temperature Control

The temperature control has been updated using dual PID technology to be even more reliable and accurate.

Shot Timer (AV only)

A shot timer is now standard. At a glance, the barista can confidently make the adjustments needed to ensure that every espresso is perfect

Improved Vacuum Breaker

The vacuum breaker has been improved using a shape memory alloy that drastically extends its life.

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An electronic board that will allow connectivity with the La Marzocco Pro-App comes standard on the Classic S.



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