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Before there was La Marzocco, there was Officine Fratelli Bambi. A workshop dedicated to craftsmanship and artistry. Revolutionising the industry of espresso machines with innovative technology. Since its birth, La Marzocco has always been making fabulous machines by hand, passing on traditional expertise and manufacturing know-how from generation to generation. Today, we are pleased to return to our roots. Focusing on the pinnacle of handcrafted excellence, Officine Fratelli Bambi offers bespoke and catalogue espresso machines handmade by artisans.

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Catalogue Machines

Experience signature La Marzocco machines with delightfully unexpected twists. Handcrafted by our artisans, these impressive machines are made to order just for you.

Bespoke Machines

Free yourself from limitations to realise the machine of your dreams with a bespoke design from Officine Fratelli Bambi.


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