post social app pro ZXX-02

The La Marzocco Pro App connects with your espresso machine allowing you to focus your time on making great coffee, instead of programming your machine.

Adjustments are easier, simpler and more intuitive. While baristas can modify machine settings without having to interrupt beverage production, owners can view usage data and leverage information from the venues espresso machine to enrich the output of the team.

The app is now available to download via the app store. The GB5 S and X are the first range to come with native connectivity. This new technology will soon be built in across other future machines in our range. Come experience it for yourself in our showroom.




The Pro App also allows for the machine to communicate back, giving owners easy access to information about their equipment. Whether you have one machine or a fleet, allow the Pro App to help you make successful, data driven decisions.



Over time, third party services will allow for the machine to better evolve with your needs.

Did we mention that it is retrofittable to existing equipment? Easily upgrade the experience of your Linea PB, KB90, or Strada AV.