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Can Wally Milk connect to my...?

Wally Milk can be connected directly to all La Marzocco espresso machines, Modbar steam units, & virtually all other commercial espresso machines on the market. No external boilers, no under bench plumbing required, it connects direct to the steam boiler so you can still use both steam wands on your espresso machine, or you can simply attach it to your steam wand direct! Ask our team about different connection kits for different models!

Can I connect the Wally Milk myself?
We recommend getting in touch with your friendly local service technician to assist with this!

What are the recommended milk I can steam?

The Wally Milk comes standard with 3 jugs – a 360ml (small), a 600ml (medium), and a 900ml (large). Just like steaming milk by hand, the key to Wally Milk is consistency – ensure you a pouring a consistent amount of milk into each jug in order to get a consistent texture. We recommend picking & sticking to an amount between 150-200ml in the small jug, 250-300ml in the medium jug, and 350-600ml in the large jug.

Why the variance in amounts of milk per jug in the previous question?

Not every café has the same size cup. Takeaway cups are almost always a different milk quantity to dine-ins. Our recommendation is set up your Wally Milk to your needs. As an example: if you'd like to use the Wally Milk for dine-in flat whites, set a recipe for – 150ml in small jug, S1 stretch, 62 degrees. Alternatively, if you want to use the Wally for an 8oz oat milk flat white, you would need to set a different recipe – 160ml in small jug, S1 stretch, 60 degrees. The choice for how you would like to use the Wally Milk is yours!

Can Wally Milk steam alternatives?

It sure can! Any milk, any texture, any temperature.

How do I know which S setting to use?

The S settings correspond to various levels of stretch in theory S1 gives the least amount of milk foam, S4 gives the most, in practicality they correspond to the angle the jug is tilted when activated. Let’s use a few examples: if you would like to produce a traditional flat white, latte, cappuccino texture you would make a setting for S2, S3 & S4 accordingly. S4 has a larger angle tilt which creates more foam, just like you’d do with your hands when making a cappuccino. Alternatively, if you want the same texture for all your milk, for a 250ml pour in the medium jug I’d use S2, however if you would like to get 300ml out with the same texture I’d recommend up your setting to S3 – gives your jug more of an angle so you can introduce more air into your steam!

What is the maximum amount of milk I can steam at one time?

We’ve put 600ml into the 900ml jug on S4 setting at 65 degrees and have gotten some fantastically textured milk perfect for that takeaway bulk order rush!

Can I use any jug?

The Wally Milk comes with 3 milk jugs made from non-reflective teflon. You can use similar material jugs, or painted jugs, just not any reflective metal as it makes the IR sensors measuring fill level and temperature difficult to read. Enquire with our parts team about getting your hands on some more jugs!

How hot can I go?

Theoretically you can go all the way up to 90 degrees but who’d want that?!?! I know a few baristas who definitely have some customers who think otherwise…

What is Wally Milk capable of?

Just like any barista, Wally needs a role to play in your coffee program. It is capable of completing your entire milk service if you want it to, however in terms of workflow it is best suited with a focused task. If you are struggling with takeaway service, let Wally focus on taking that off your hands. If you are getting frustrated with too many alternative milks, let Wally steam them for you. If you have to multi-task too often and find yourself struggling to keep up, let Wally Milk focus on getting you that extra jug of milk steamed while you’re running the till & chatting to your customers.

Can you still use your steam wands on your machine?

Absolutely! It uses the steam from your boilers but doesn’t divert the steam away from your wands. Go for glory with your new third steam wand!

What variables can you change?

At a barista level you can change texture, temperature, extra cold set, extra hot set, and most importantly the name of your recipe for easy use. At technician level you can change a whole lot more! 

Can Wally Milk auto-adjust / autocorrect to different volumes of milk?

Unfortunately Wally Milk can’t autocorrect different volumes of milk put into the jug, meaning that the wand depth & the tilt angle are all pre-set depending on what recipe you use & jug size you select. The human touch is an amazing thing, all credit to the barista’s who can adjust on the fly!

Can Wally Milk fix my mistakes?

Sometimes! There is a warning when you place the milk jug on the sensor if you are using already too warm milk, this helps get you the perfect texture with the right amount of stretch. If you steam warm milk on Wally you are unlikely to get the intended result.

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